Butler: Jackwagon BBQ to move into the Union Public House and Restaurant Building.

On July 31, we made a public announcement in reference to our new brick and mortar location on the square in Butler. During construction of that location we were made aware that the Union Restaurant would be closing at the end of September. 
Our hope was to work with the other restaurants on the square to help bring life back to the square. We are saddened by the closing of the Union. We wish the Koehn and Oltremare families all the well wishes in their futures.

We have been working with the Union and as of October 1, 2019 we will begin leasing the Union building and make it our new location for Jackwagon BBQ. Our previous announced location on Delaware Street will continue to be remodeled as we still have plans for that location (look for future announcement). 
We are excited to get into the new location and give it our personal touch. We will be closed for a couple weeks while we obtain the appropriate licenses, train staff and move forward with bringing you the awesome BBQ that you have known and loved since we began.