Butler Lions Club Radio Auction

The Annual Butler Lions Club Radio Auction will hit the airwaves on

March 28TH,29TH, 30ST and 31st. This fundraising endeavor by Lions

Club Members has been a success through the area merchant’s

willingness to give. Many communities and human needs have been fulfilled.

The Butler Lions Club has been able to provide community

improvement, youth sponsorships, sight conservation, and the annual

 Easter Egg Hunt, these are just a few of the activities the club has

established over the past 50 years. Members will be calling on your

business and individuals asking for auction items.

It doesn’t take a large donation to get noticed during the radio

auction, multiple small items will be auctioned off each night, and

monetary donations will be noted several times each night. Contact

Seth Black or any Butler Lions Club member to donate items for the

2022 Butler Lions Club Radio Auction.

Dates again are: Monday March 28TH , March 29th, 30th and 31st. The

auction starts at 5 pm nightly. Hear is all on your Hometown Radio

Station FM-92.1 or the Butler Lions Club Facebook page. The vouchers

purchased may be paid for on Monday, April 4th at Community First

Bank on Fort Scott Street in Butler.