Butler: Local Scam using Walmart Gift Cards

There is a local scam going on in the city of Butler. The situation started for a local Butler resident after

they advertised the sale of rabbits through the use of their Facebook page.

An interested rural Butler person offered to meet the seller in the parking lot of the Butler Dollar store parking lot to purchase the rabbits.

The sale was made through a Walmart gift or cash card. The seller was uncomfortable with the type of money exchanged but the buyer used his cell phone to call the phone number on the card, and indeed the card validated that there was $25.00 on the card.

The sale went through, but when the seller tried to use the card at Walmart it would not go through the register and could not be used.

The seller contacted the newsroom of 92.1 to inform the public that this local person had a stack of Walmart cards and will probably be using the cards to purchase other merchandise from local residents.