Butler: Ozark Highlands Conference Track Meet Results

Ozark Highlands Conference Track Meet Results

Yesterday Butler hosted the Ozark Highlands Conference Track Meet!  Because of the continuous rain and possibilities of storms on Monday, we had to change our event to a daytime meet yesterday.  As always, the entire school rose to the occasion to help us pull this meet together and with great success!  We had a lot of positive comments from coaches from the other schools on how well it went and the great way that our students helped us out.  On the High School side, we had some great performances that led to both the boys placing 2nd to Class 3 Buffalo and the Girls placing second behind Class 2 Eldorado Springs .  Here are the results of the day with all of our point winners..

Girls –2nd with 82 points, Eldorado had 100 pts

4th Place:

Maci Taylor–Long Jump   3.92m  12’ 10”

Maci Taylor –Triple Jump  8.53m  28’

3rd Place:

Josie Johnston –Shot Put  8.32m  27’ 3”

Josie Johnston –Javelin  24.36m  79’ 11”

Jocelyn Underwood–Pole Vault  2.2m  7’ 3”

2nd Place:

Jocelyn Underwood– High Jump  1.55m  5’1”  PR

Annalee Gardner–100m Hurdles  17.27

Annalee Gardner–300m Hurdles  50.80

 Conference Champions!

Taitlyn Madison –Long Jump  5.08m  16’ 8”

Taitlyn Madison –Triple Jump  9.87 m 32’ 4.5”

Taitlyn Madison –200m Dash  27.25

Josie Johnston –Discus 36.74m   120’ 6.5”–broke her previous record set earlier this year with a new record and new PR

Annalee Gardner–Pole Vault  3.5m  11’ 5”

4x400m Relay–Taitlyn Madison-Maci Taylor-Jocelyn Underwood-Annalee Gardner  4:35.65

Boys–2nd 95 points, Buffalo had 120 pts

5th Place:

Hunter Stevens–Discus  34.32m  112’  7”

4th Place:

Jaguar Eidson–Javelin  40.67m  133’ 5”  PR

Hunter Stevens–Shot Put  12.08m  39’ 7.5”

Hunter Kelso–High Jump  1.6m   5’ 3”

Hunter Kelso–200m Dash  25.14

3rd Place:

Mason Diehl–100m Dash  11.48

Jaguar Eidson–High Jump  1.65m  5’ 5”

4x800m Relay–Drew Clutter, Kenny Waring, Carter Trumbore  10:33.37

2nd Place:

Jaguar Eidson–Pole Vault  3.65m  12’

Dylan Davidson–Triple Jump  11.68m   38’ 9”

4x400m Relay–Hunter Kelso, Xavier Wisdom, Mason Diehl, Dylan Davidson   4:41.91

Conference Champions!!

Dylan Davidson–300m Hurdles  42.21

Brendin Patrick–100m Dash  11.35

Matthew Zent–Long Jump  6.16m   20’ 2.5”

Matthew Zent–Triple Jump  12.62m  41’ 5”  PR

Jaxon Hiser–Pole Vault  4.0m  PR  13’1”

4x200m Relay  Matthew Zent, Jaxon Hiser, Brendin Patrick, Mason Diehl 1:36.59

4x100m Relay–Brendin Patrick, Mason Diehl, Dylan Davidson, Matthew Zent  46.51

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