Butler Police Activity Report

12/17/2019  Animal complaint 300 block of W Ohio
Theft report
Noise complaint S Park
Traffic assist S Main
12/17/2019  Property damage Fair grounds
Well being check Flo street
Assault report
Traffic assist Mullinax
Noise complaint S Main
12/18/2019  Attempted break in Max Motors
Animal complaint 300 block of W Ohio
Disturbance Taco Bell
Medical assist 500 block of S Fulton
Alarm 500 block of S Broadway
12/19/2019  Trespassing call 200 block of S Mechanic
Theft report Wix Lane
Attempt to locate
Harassment call
Trespassing call N Main
Well being check 310 College
Alarm 1100 block of W Ft Scott
Assault report 400 block of S Mechanic
12/20/2019  trespassing call
Harassment call
Traffic assist Schowengerdt
Warrant service Water and Park
Disturbance Ohio and Delaware
C and I driver Wal-Mart
12/21/2019  Disturbance BCMH
Animal complaint Water and Adams
Disturbance 600 block of Summit
Disturbance 600 block of W Harrison
Open door High School
12/22/2019  Animal complaint S High
Noise complaint S Park
Alram 400 block of S Fulton
 The prescription medication drop box is still available for the public to dispose of unused medications.  The  drop box located in the lobby of the Butler Police Station and meds can be dropped off  anytime 7 days a week 24 hours.  If you should have any questions you can  contact the  Butler Police Department at 660-679-6131.