Butler raises Funds to provide Fresh Drinking Water Only $800.00 needed to reach our goal

Did you know dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence, including war. Think about that for a minute. This need for clean water is the passion of local Butler residents, David Norman and his wife Debbie. To this day, there are villages filled with men, women, and children that drink, cook, and bathe with dirty water from a river or dirty water source.

David and Debbie have set a goal to raise $10,000 dollars to be sent to the Town to Village Community Water Well project from the residents of Bates County and they need our help.  

 As of April 1st  $7000.00 had been raised by our community and by the April 2nd  silent auction, a little over $2000.00 dollars was raised leaving approximately  $800.00 dollars away from their goal for the  Project.

We are asking for cash donations from our community, where fresh, clear water is just a touch of a faucet away and is taken for granted by most of us. If your church, organization or you as an individual wish to make a difference and help with this community freshwater project, make your donations to the Carpenters Cup in Butler or the Community First Bank of Butler.

David and Debbie are paying for all the overhead for this project, including advertising and expenses. 100% of the dollars you donate will go to the Town to Village Community Water Well Project.

To see a video and complete details about this project and its goals see Charitywater.org on the Web.  May the Lord bless your donations and your act of kindness. Each $50.00 donation will change a persons’ life forever.

If you feel led to donate make your check payable to “ Town to Village Water Project”. Confirmation of our donations as a community will be confirmed with pictures and GPS coordinates to let us know how and where our money was used.

( if only 16 people donated $50.00 each we will meet this goal) Thank you in advance.