Butler Saddle Club 1958 Founders/ We Salute You.

The Butler Saddle Club was founded in 1952 and is celebrating its 68th year this June 18th, 19th and 20th as Cowboys and Cowgirls hit the Arena for the MCRA, URA and ACRA Sanctioned Rodeo.

The Saddle Club and its members would like to recognize the oldest living member of this organization. Pauline Gabriel, the wife of the late Kenneth Gabriel is the only original member still living.  In 1952 the founders all pitched in $125.00 each to kick off the first event. People came from as far away as Oklahoma to attend the Butler Saddle Club Rodeo. In their prime… the organization rode in the American Royal Parade held in Kansas City.

In its first days the stock was brought to the Rodeo by friends, family and contestants…. bringing the animals they had available on the farm to be ridden by the contestants.
They would like to recognize those that made the Butler Saddle Club what it is today.

Arvin Webb

Carl Ammann

Lee Ammann

Jack Sivils

Walton Stanfill

Tom Grimsley

Bob McCall

Oscar Baker

Pete Smith

Kenneth Gabriel

Dick Gee

Ken Thomas

Walter Taylor

Duey Pyle

And Kenneth Eads

The Butler Saddle Club invites you to share with them as they celebrate their 68th anniversary.  The2021  Rodeo will kick off nightly with the traditional Mutton Busting at 7 pm, the  Wild Horse Race at 8 pm, followed by the Rodeo . The cost is 10 dollars in advance or 12 dollars at the gate for adults. Children will be admitted for 5 dollars in advance or 8 dollars at the gate. Advance tickets may be purchased from Reana Cancoorst 660-424-4620 or Haley Bolling 660-424-4655 . Advance ticket sale phone numbers may be found on the 921kmoe.com website. We hope you attend the 68th Annual Butler Saddle Club Rodeo this week-end….one  of the oldest events still active in Bates County.