Butler: Suitcase/ Duffle Bag donations will help the Foster Kids in our area.

FM 92.1 and Corner Hardware in Butler are banding together for the foster children in the Bates County area. They need our help. If you are getting rid of any kind of luggage, please don’t take it to the Goodwill. Clean it up and drop it off at Corner Hardware in Butler. These suitcases will be donated to our local foster children.

Foster kids are often asked to transport their belongings from place to place in a trash bag. Our community wants to change this and provide a suitcase/duffle bag for these children as they move from place to place. We as a community can help with the self-esteem of our foster children by providing them with a suitcase.

If you have a gently used suitcase or duffle bag, please drop it off at Corner Hardware 107 West Ohio Street in Butler. If you are a Foster parent, please feel free to stop by Corner Hardware and pick up one of the donated suitcases or the duffle bag of your foster child’s choice.

Our hope is to provide luggage to replace the trash bags used by Foster children to move from place to place. Your help will be appreciated.