Butler : Terry’s Tire and Service collect used cars for the needy.

Terry’s Tire and Service Center in Butler is now accepting “cars for donation”.  Starting in March, Terry, Dawn, Jenny, and Justin will be working hard to give back to the wonderful Butler Community.

If you or someone you know has a car that can be fixed and wants it off of their property, contact Terry’s Tire and Service in Butler to discuss transport of the vehicle.  

Terry’s Tire will also accept donations of parts for the cars they will be giving out to disabled veterans, people who need a car and can’t afford to buy one, or low-income families in need.

Terry’s Tire and Service center appreciate your help in these difficult times and they can’t wait to help people smile again.

Thank you from the bottom of their hearts, they want to be able to help the less fortunate. To make a vehicle donation or parts donations call 660-679-3400.

Terry’s Tire and Service Center is located in the former Don’s Tire location, just to the south of the Adrian Bank on Sunset Street in Butler.