Butler: Utility Electric Bills that are emailed to customers need to contact the City Hall for your amount due. Emailed Invoices will not go out this month.

The City of Butler apologizes for circumstances that are beyond their control. Any customer who receives their Butler utility bill by email will not receive it this month. They apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

They are working with the companies that handle this software issue to have it resolved in a prompt manner.

Feel free to contact the city hall and they can inform you of your bill or you can go online to the city of Butlers website and view your statement.

This issue only affects customers who have their utility statement emailed to them.

All other customers will be getting their statement in the mail or can view it online like normal. Again the City of Butler sends their apologies.

The phone number to the city hall is 660-679-4182 and the website address is www.cityofbutlermo.com to view your statement.