Capitol Report Courtesy of Patricia Pike

Capitol Report:  Representative Patricia Pike

District Surveys Will Soon Be Arriving

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – District legislative surveys will soon be arriving to all registered voter households in District 126 – Bates and Vernon Counties.  At that time, surveys will also be available online on my House of Representatives website at  I appreciate hearing from you regarding legislative issues and read each response.  The following bills were heard recently:

HB 1665 – Lawmakers have approved a bill that would provide students with greater access to highly-skilled, experienced instructors in fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and engineering. This legislation would allow the State Board of Education to issue a visiting scholar certificate as a license to teach in public schools. The visiting scholar certificate would allow a professional to be hired to teach students in the ninth grade or above in a content area in which he or she has obtained an academic degree or professional experience.

The goal of the bill is to allow students to benefit from the instruction of professionals in high-demand fields where those professionals may be deterred from participating in such programs if required to obtain a teaching certificate. School districts would be required to verify that the certificates are issued under a business-education partnership designed to build career pathways for students. Certificates would last for one year and are renewable a maximum of two times.

HB 1769 – The House of Representatives approved legislation designed to address the emerging problem that is commonly referred to as “paper terrorism”. Paper terrorism occurs when individuals file false claims or liens as acts of retaliation, for example against members of law enforcement, judges, or neighbors with whom they are involved in a dispute. These fraudulent filings can harm the victim’s credit ratings and force them to pay expensive legal costs.

This problem is currently only addressed in the Uniform Commercial Code, and not in Missouri’s criminal statutes. This bill makes filing a false document a class D felony, and includes an enhanced penalty for false documents filed against elected officials, law enforcement officers, and other specified individuals. It also creates a process to help identify and prosecute these acts. The bill sponsor noted that other states and the federal government have enacted similar laws to combat paper terrorism.

Simplifying Missouri’s Bingo Laws (HB 1484 and HJR 59)

House members approved both a bill and a proposed constitutional amendment that would remove some of the unnecessary regulations that currently exist for bingo games in Missouri. The changes are meant to ease the burden for charitable organizations who use bingo games to raise funds.

HB 1617 would update Missouri’s telehealth laws. Supporters say the bill would allow health care providers to be reimbursed for telehealth services from MO HealthNet, just as they are reimbursed in the private sector. The bill would make telehealth more accessible and will help patients receive better care.

HB 1504 would require certain counties to adopt ordinances regulating land use around National Guard training centers. The bill sponsor testified that the bill is a proactive measure to protect the National Guard Training Center in Newton County from encroachment by development.

It is an honor to serve on your behalf.  Please contact my office at 573-751-5388 or e-mail at for assistance on State Issues, Resolutions and District visits.  Our District 126 Legislative Assistant is Matt Glover and our Capitol office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. year-round in Jefferson City, MO.