Legislation Results in $1.5 Billion Investment in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, MO: The new year is looking optimistic for Missourians.  General Motors recently announced it will invest $1.5 billion and retain nearly 4,000 jobs at its facility in Wentzville. The massive investment is the result of a combined effort by the legislature, the governor, and local leaders to keep good-paying jobs in Missouri.

Gov. Parson said, “We are excited and proud that General Motors, an American multinational corporation with more than 100 years of automotive industry experience, is renewing its commitment to our region with this investment in the Wentzville plant.”

He added, “Partners from higher education, transportation, state and local government, and our legislature all came together to help secure the future of this facility, and today that hard work paid off. The result is a $1.5 billion investment and 4,000 good-paying jobs that will benefit not only Wentzville, but every corner of the state for generations to come.”

It was during the 2019 legislative session that members of the General Assembly approved SB 68 to provide the workforce, infrastructure and economic development tools necessary to secure a major investment from GM. The result is one of the largest single project investments from the private sector in Missouri.

Gov. Parson noted that the Wentzville plant supports 12,241 jobs throughout Missouri’s economy and generates more than $2 billion in GDP annually. Out of the state’s 227 automotive suppliers, 178 supply GM, accounting for more than $700 million spent by GM on Missouri suppliers.

Missouri General Assembly Works with Gov. Parson to Improve Transportation Infrastructure – The efforts of the legislature and the governor to repair and improve the state’s transportation system took an important step forward recently. The governor announced that 20 projects will receive $50 million under the transportation cost-share program that was funded by the state budget approved by the General Assembly during the 2019 legislative session.

The Missouri Departments of Transportation (MoDOT) and Economic Development (DED) selected the projects with the goal of building partnerships with local entities to deliver road and bridge projects that have the greatest economic benefit to the state. The transportation cost-share program provides financial assistance to public and private applicants for public road and bridge projects. The program matches up to 50 percent of the construction contract costs for selected projects.

MoDOT’s Cost-Share Committee reviewed 48 applications requesting more than $92 million to deliver $321 million in projects. The committee selected 20 applications to receive the $50 million, which will deliver $131 million in projects upon approval by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission in January. Projects awarded support economic development across the state.

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