Capitol Report: State Rep Patricia Pike

Caption Information:

State Representatives serving Bates County this legislative session are

Rodger Reedy representing the northeast top part of Bates County, Cass,

Benton and Henry; Speaker Haahr; Patricia Pike representing the majority of

Bates County and all of Vernon and Jack Bondon, representing the northwest

top part of Bates County, Cass and Kansas City.  

Their House committees:  Reedy – Agriculture Policy, Local Government,

Special Committee on Aging; Pike – Chair of the Joint House/Senate Committee

on Public Retirement, Chair of Pensions, Veterans, Consent and House

Procedures, and Special Committee on Aging;  Bondon – Chair of Financial

Institutions, Consent and House Procedures and Rules – Legislative

Oversight.  All Representatives can be reached through their offices at the

Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.