Care Connection Outstanding Older Adult Nomination Form

Care Connection for Aging Services

“2020 Outstanding Older Adult Award”

Nomination Form

Care Connection for Aging Services is seeking nominations of people in your community who exemplify this year’s theme for national Older Americans Month, “Make Your Mark.” The theme is meant to encourage and celebrate countless contributions that older adults make to our communities. Their time, experience, and talents benefit family, peers, and neighbors every day. This year’s theme highlights the difference everyone can make – in the lives of older adults, in support of caregivers, and to strengthen communities.

We are seeking nominations of individuals ages 60 and older who either have “made their mark” on their communities and individuals or are still “making their marks.” We will select one older adult from each of the communities we serve for this recognition. We are seeking nominations from the community at large.

Please mail, fax or email the nomination form and letter to:

Make Your Mark
Older Adult Award

Care Connection for Aging Services

P.O. Box1078

Warrensburg, MO 64093

Fax: 660-747-3100

Nominee Information

Name_______________________________________________ Age_________


City, State________________________________________________________


Nominator Information



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On the back or on a separate sheet, please describe the nominee’s activities that exemplify this year’s theme of Older Americans Month, Make Your Mark. Please include information that would illustrate how the nominee has contributed to other individuals, organizations or the community.

The deadline for nominations is June 15, 2020.