Cass County Assessor/ Reassessment Letter Arriving Soon

Cass County Assessor Roger Raffety is letting county property owners know that they should be receiving their 2021 Reassessment Letter over the next few days. The letter will detail the market value and assessed value of the property.

“Every two years we are obligated by law to reassess the value of both residential and business property,” said Raffety. “The Cass County market value is determined as of January 1, 2021 and arrived at using a number of tools.”

The market value of a home is the price the property would bring when offered for sale by a person who is willing but not obligated to sell it and is bought by a person who is willing to purchase it but who is not forced to do so.

The assessed value is determined by a formula prescribed by state law. For instance, the assessed value of residential real estate is 19 percent of the market value. Different calculations exist for business and agricultural property. It is the assessed value of a property that is taxed once property tax rates are set by local jurisdictions in September.

Raffety said that the average assessed value rose over 2019 reassessments. A higher value could be because of additions on the property or just from an increased real estate market.

If Cass County property owners dispute the market value assigned to their property, they have several options. They can call or email the Cass County Assessor’s office to lodge an informal appeal. Or they can file a formal appeal with the Cass County Board of Equalization. In either case the property owner should be prepared to show proof that their reassessment is inaccurate, such as private assessments or sales of similar properties.

Cass County Property owners can reach the Cass County Assessor’s office at 816-380-8179 or to discuss an informal appeal.