Cass County Toy Shop in Harrisonville

The Cass County Toy Shop is seeking Businesses, Churches, Organizations, and individuals to help with their Christmas Program for families in need.  With the Holiday season right around the corner, Cass County Toy Shop is reminded everyday of how blessed they are and how important it is to help those who are in a greater need.

That is why the Cass County Toy Shop has started their campaigning early this year. The Shop your way Christmas Adoption program give donors three options to help.

  1. You may choose to do a one-time cash donation for the Cass County Toy Shop adopted families and they will do the shopping for you.
  2. Adoption: you pick the family, then you or your company does the shopping for that family.
  3. You may purchase gift cards to purchase wish list items for the Families.  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Target, Walmart or Shoes Store gift cards are the best option.

Cass County Toy Shops goal every year is to help bring hope to the Holidays for local families. For more information about Cass County Toy Shop you visit them on Facebook at Cass County Toy Shop or email them at