Chronic Care Management Available at BCMH Family Care Clinics

Family Care Clinics of Bates County Memorial Hospital now offer Chronic Care Management (CCM), a Medicare-based service that allows patients with two or more chronic conditions to keep better tabs on their health by talking to a healthcare worker every month. Being enrolled in the program helps patients reduce the negative effects of chronic conditions and optimize their quality of life.

“This monthly phone call is an additional healthcare resource for patients,” says Laurie Archer, RN, CCM Coordinator for Family Care Clinics of Bates County Memorial Hospital. “It doesn’t take the place of a doctor visit, but it gives us an extra set of ears to listen to our patients, and an extra set of eyes on their chart between visits with their primary care team.”

The new CCM program at Family Care Clinics began just as COVID-19 brought restrictions on other healthcare services that is also available in GYN clinic Forest Hills. The timing was coincidental, but proved to be good for patients, Laurie reported.

“Some patient concerns regarding their health were identified, and we were able to communicate with the primary care provider and avoid a visit to the emergency room or hospitalization, which is one of the goals of CCM services,” she said.

These regular phone visits include a chart review of screenings, lab work due, follow-up visits that need to be scheduled, and more. The phone call can also be scheduled with a patient’s caretaker, when appropriate. After hour calls to an urgent care nurse line are included for emergent guidance.

Enrollment in the CCM program is usually initiated in the primary care provider’s office, where the patient is educated about the benefits and costs. A low monthly co-pay is expected for those with Medicare; for patients with secondary insurance coverage, this co-pay is typically covered.

Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions who are interested in a chronic care management program can ask their primary care provider about signing up. Or call 660-200-7135, ext. 7014, for more information.