City of Butler Internet Use Tax on Ballot April 6th

The city of Butler has issued a press release explaining the Internet Tax on the ballot April 6th, to read that press release, see the website and search for City of Butler Internet Tax or see the 921 Facebook page KMAM KMOE. The following press release as been released by the news room of 92.1.

The city of Butler once again has placed a question on this April’s ballot regarding an internet use tax. This question was proposed in 2018 along with the vehicle tax. Although the vehicle use tax passed, the internet use tax didn’t.

To make it simple- the tax isn’t being collected as of now. The state has a tax and county but not city. So…when you place orders for merchandise outside the state of Missouri- that state can legally keep those internet user tax dollars to benefit the needs of their state. If the city of Butler internet use tax passes, those out of state internet use tax dollars of 3.625%  would return to the city of Butler.

When most of hear the word TAX, we immediately reject the idea. The city of Butler would like to explain that this tax is not a tax on normal purchases in the community. This is a tax on internet purchases for those that make purchases online through the Internet.

The passing of this internet use tax for the city of Butler, would open the door to receive the internet sales tax from internet purchases and the tax charged would come to the city of Butler. This Internet Use Tax,” if passed” by the voters, would not increase normal sales tax for purchases at local businesses in the city of Butler

The passing of this internet use sales tax  would open the door to receive the sales tax from internet purchases and if not passed could be a loss of more than $225,000 in additional revenue for the city of Butler.