City of Butler Pet Tags are Due Yearly in July

July is the month you must purchase City of Butler pet tags for your dogs and cats. These can be purchased by contacting Butler Animal Control at 660-679-6131 and setting up an appointment. You cannot purchase city pet licenses at Butler City Hall.

The City of Butler also requires that all licensed pets be chipped. If your pet is not chipped, your first pet tags are $25.00, which includes your city pet license and the cost of chipping. Subsequent pet tags are $8.00 per dog or cat for non-spayed or non-neutered pets or $4.00 for spayed or neutered animals.

You must also bring a current proof of rabies vaccination from your veterinary clinic at the time you purchase your tags. Your pet will also receive a tag with an individualized tracking number.

Permits may be purchased anytime of the year for unregistered or new pets, but yearly permits are scheduled to renew in the month of July and are valid for one year. 

If the pet is lost and someone finds it, the tag number will be traceable to your home. There is a fine for dogs and cats found inside the city limits without the proper tags.

The City of Butler has a pet impound and if your pet is picked up without a tag, the cost to get your pet out of “doggie jail” is $25.00 per pick up fee and $20.00 for the impound fee, payable to the City of Butler.

Refusal to purchase the mandatory pet license could end you up in court with additional fines.