Class 3 District 12 Tournament Score Results from Monday, February 19th

The Class 3 District 12 Tournament is underway in Mount Vernon! The tournament started on Monday, February 19th and will continue until Saturday, February 24th.

Last night – Monday, February 19th – the girls’ teams took the courts to decide who would move on to the second round of the girls’ tournament bracket. The teams to take the court were: Mount Vernon, Diamond, Seneca, El Dorado, Lamar, Stockton, Butler, and East Newton.

Each team fought hard and did their best. The final scores of the games were:

Mount Vernon vs. Diamond – 95-16, Mount Vernon

Seneca vs. El Dorado – 66-63, Seneca

Lamar vs. Stockton – 58-45, Lamar

Butler vs. East Newton – 58-45, Butler

With the Monday night scores in the brackets have changed. Mount Vernon, Seneca, Lamar, and Butler will move on to the second round of the girls’ bracket for the Class 3 District 12 Tournament in Mount Vernon!

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