Clinton Parents Protest outside School

FM 92 reported earlier this month that two schools in our listening area were requiring masks be worn by students and staff to start the school year.  Both Adrian and Clinton Schools stated that they would reevaluate the mask mandate monthly.

This mask mandate did not sit well with the parents and students at Clinton High School.  On the first day of school, Wednesday, August 25th as students returned to school some parents and students were outside the school protesting the mask mandate.

School officials had notified parents and students that masks are required to enter the building.  At the Board of Education meeting on Monday, August 23rd parents had an opportunity to express their feelings to the School Board.  Parents on both sides of the issue were heard but the School Board decided that they would start the year with a mask mandate for the safety of everyone students and staff.

As students entered the building on the first day of school, those students choosing not to wear their mask according to the mandate were sent home for the day.  Students were allowed to return to school the next day with a mask on.  If the students refused to wear the mask, they again were sent home. 

Protesting parents believe that wearing a mask should be a choice not a mandate. Parents are also concerned about the affects on students wearing a mask for 8 hours a day.

FM 92 will continue to follow this issue at the Clinton School and report if any updates become available.

Picture courtesy of KCTV 5