Community Blood Center Announced Blood Emergency with New Media Campaign to Help Increase Donations

KANSAS CITY – Today, Community Blood Center announced a blood emergency with only a 3-day blood supply. The long-term impact of the pandemic has resulted in a year of virtually no youth first-time donors, hundreds fewer blood drives, and 25,000 donors in the greater Kansas City area alone that have yet to return to donate since the pandemic. Complicating matters, there has been a recent surge in blood usage as hospitals perform surgeries and patients seek medical care that was postponed during the pandemic. The increased need and lag in donors has created a chronic gap in blood donations.

In partnership with advertising agency Markham Yard, Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City’s (CBC) new campaign spans radio, cable, social media, and more. Through humor and compelling narrative, the campaign is being launched to show a new generation the potential donors not only how important it is to regularly donate blood, but also how easy it can be.

With this new media campaign, the CBC is hoping a bit of humor will tackle preconceived notions around donating blood and send the message that donating blood is easy. With funny and relatable advertisements that list “things that hurt more than giving blood”, the CBC is using the campaign to demonstrate that giving blood is simpler and less painful than life’s awkward moments.

Donating Blood is safe and it only takes one hour. Staff members are taking extra precautions to help prevent the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, and they are practicing health self-assessments prior to presenting at work. As always, people are not eligible to donate if they’re experiencing a cold, sore throat, respiratory infection, or flu-like symptoms.

Those who would like to give back their communities and donate blood during this Blood Shortage Emergency, can schedule appoints by calling 1-877-468-6844 or visiting

In addition, The Bates County Memorial Hospital will be holding a blood drive on Wednesday, July 7th from 12pm (noon) to 5pm.