Community Food Pantry Starts Backpack Program for Bates County Schools

The Community Food Pantry in Butler, through Harvesters, has a backpack program for Bates County schools to help feed children over the weekends and holidays. Some children’s only regular, balanced meals are those received at school, Monday through Friday.

Through the Backpack Program, children from Kindergarten through High School receive backpacks on Fridays filled with food to get them through the weekend. Those receiving the backpacks are anonymous, chosen by the school’s dietary supervisor.

Local businesses, groups, or individuals often make monetary donations as community service projects. Contributions to the Backpack Program are made through the Community Food Pantry in Butler. When making a cash or check donation, make sure to specify it is for the Backpack Program by writing “Backpack Program” on the cash envelope or on the “Memo:” line of the check.

Food donations are also accepted, but make sure it is food a kindergartener could prepare. Suggested items are as follows: soup, individual packets of dried fruit, snack and breakfast bars, individual mac and cheese cups, peanut butter, honey bears, jelly in plastic jars, Vienna sausage, beans and franks, and cans of spaghetti and ravioli. No glass items will be accepted as donations.

The goal is to help feed children on weekends and holidays when they do not receive breakfast and lunch at school.

The Community Food Pantry is located at 709 West Ohio Street in Butler, and their phone number is 660-679-3951.