Concert Tickets one-week special discount sale for Foghat June 26th

The Clear Creek Event Live Music Venue in Garden City hosts Foghat and Savoy Brown in concert on June 26th advance ticket sales will save money on your admission fee, as this ticket promo offers 2 tickets for $70.00 and 4 tickets for $140.00 . This advance ticket promo only lasts a few days…. Offer good from  May 14th through May 21st . Get your Foghat advance tickets with Special Guests Savoy Brown in concert June 26th at the Clear Creek Event Center located at 26608 South Little Road in Garden City. Call 816-738-7386 or take advantage of this advance limited supply ticket offer going on NOW  through May 21st. That’s Foghat in concert with Savoy Brown as special guests June 26th at Clear Creek Event Center in Garden City.

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