Consumer Protection Alert: Corn Xpress Bulk Corn Vending Machines

On Monday, the Missouri Department of Agriculture issued a consumer alert to advise Missourians that the Corn Xpress Bulk Corn Vending Machine is not-legal-for-trade in the state of Missouri. The machine is advertised as an agricultural vending machine that can dispense products such as corn, wheat, protein pellets and rock salt.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection team originally learned about the devices in November 2018. Since then, the team has attempted to work with the company to find a resolution without success.

Missourians and small businesses have purchased these devices, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, believing they are legal. However, devices have been removed from service in Sikeston, Jackson, Advance and Wappapallo because they do not meet standards set forth in state law. Additionally, devices have been removed from service in other states including the state in which they are manufactured – Mississippi.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has requested the company adhere to several provisions. Those provisions include marking the device “not-legal-for-trade,” or providing a similar disclosure on copies of all invoices and delivery tickets in the State of Missouri. Additionally, the Department has asked Corn Xpress to notify individuals and businesses in Missouri that have purchased or received Corn Xpress devices that the device is not-legal-for trade. At this time all requests have gone unanswered by the company.

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