County Wide Disposal Public Service Message

County Wide Disposal sends this message to their customers. It is vital to curbside customers to set your container curbside the night before your trash pick-up day. Routes from week to week deviate on time throughout the day with road conditions, dumpsters within the routes, ect… County Wide Disposal would appreciate customers bagging as much as possible, this makes it much easier to remove all trash from the container, as well as the employees aren’t exposed to the trash directly.

For the County Wide dumpster customers, the area has had a wetter than average lost 6 months. Please remember the wettest muddiest day. The largest truck is going to have to back up directly to the container in order to dump it.

Keep that in mind and keep County Wide Disposal a well-maintained path free of tree limbs, power lines, cars and obstructions.

County Wide appreciates you helping them in these matters and they want to provide you with the best service possible and not damage your property or theirs.