Covid-19 Case reported in The Archie School District

Archie Superintendent Jeff Kramer advise students and Parents of the Archie School district of an individual in the Archie School district has tested positive for COVID-19.

As soon as the individual and the Archie school District was aware of the situation, the individual self-isolated and has not returned to the Archie school.

Though the Archie School know you will have many questions and concerns, to protect the privacy of the individual involved, the Archie School District is incredibly limited as to the information it can share with you; however, if you’d like to ask specific questions regarding any next steps you may need to take, please contact the Cass County Health Department. The Archie School continue to thank their community for your support and patience during these difficult times. They remain committed to ensuring staff, students, and the community are safe and informed.

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