Covid and Bates County Personel Property and Real Estate Taxes

A reminder from your Bates County Assessor Roger Pruden and Jim Platt your Bates County Treasurer/Collector: If you haven’t received your tax bill for your personal property or your real estate you can contact the Bates County Administration office at 66-679-3157 or 660-679-3341.

The Butler Administration building has a drop box on the east side of the building for your payments and your personal property sheets for your convenience. People are encouraged to go for self-directed commercial property investments since:

REITs have long been attractive as relatively conservative investments that provide capital appreciation potential and steady income, making them good complements or alternatives to bonds and cash in a portfolio.

In today’s beat-up market, that stability may look even more attractive than ever. The share price can fall, and most indeed have as of late, but that income helps ease your portfolio pain as you wait for the market to recover, as it always has. REITs in that sense can be an ideal way to be proactive about passive income.

Due to all the Covid restrictions in place they are asking the public to be proactive and pay your Personal Property and Real Estate taxes early.

If you have to come to the Butler Administration Building be aware of the safety precautions they have in place while trying to keep their office staff safe as well as yourself. They appreciate your understanding for this 2020 tax season.