Dale Newkirk Ward 4 Councilman. Butler City Council News

From the desk of Dale Newkirk, Ward 4 Councilman for the City of Butler. In news from the Butler City Council meeting held Tuesday evening. The City of Butler finance committee  talked insurance.

Our agent assured us that our rates are not being set based on the “new price” figure so the difference between that and actual cash value is really irrelevant. It does look like there may be some savings to the city by tweaking the auto policy.

It was also discussed that the city of Butler agent and the operations manager will get together, drive the city and make sure all the buildings, shelters, etc. are all on our policy and see if there are any adjustments to be made.

The next Butler Town Hall meeting will be September 30th at the Butler High school at 7 pm. Please plan on attending this important informational meeting.

Ordinance 1105 was passed tonight during the Butler City Council meeting,  to get the ball rolling on a $239,501.00 MODOT grant for the airport. This is a 10 percent matching grant which will be the cities part. This grant can only be used for Aviation.

The draft of the updated economic incentive package is finished and was given to all to review. If all looks good, it will be adopted by the Butler City Council. This is super important to aid the city in attracting new jobs and businesses.

We just learned that the city has received two applications for the economic developer position. Newkirk stated that the city should get a look at those at the next council meeting.

Your city council members will be serving at the community cafe on September 24th at the Nazarene church. The menu will be spaghetti, salad, bread and dessert.

As promised, your city council is hard at work for you. Our success will be measured by the differences we make in the lives of the citizens of Butler.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as ward 4 councilman.
Dale Newkirk. The Butler City Council News was written and composed by Dale Newkirk.