Debbie Kisner RETIRES After 50 Years of Service with Bates County Memorial Hospital

After 50 years of dedicated service to Bates County Memorial Hospital, Debbie Kisner, LPN, was honored with a retirement party on December 22, 2021.

Debbie began her employment with BCMH during her senior year in high school in 1971 in the laboratory department. At that time, a new program offered part time on-the-job training while finishing school. Debbie continued working part time at the hospital until she went to college, and while completing her nursing program to become a licensed practical nurse.

Upon graduation, she became a charge nurse. She recalls the census in those days could easily reach 40-50 patients, and at times the hospital reached full capacity and put patients in the hallway on a stretcher until another patient was discharged. Debbie also worked the obstetrician unit (OB) and was the first to see the first set of twins born at BCMH.

In 1988, she transferred to the surgery department and worked there until her retirement.  Debbie saw the surgery department undergo remodeling and expansion over the years, and the addition of same-day surgery around 1989. She remembers the first gall bladder removal surgery performed at BCMH. She felt privileged to work with many talented specialists and surgeons, and notes that her coworkers have become her best friends. Debbie stated, “This facility is my second home, and I am extremely blessed to have been part of its amazing history. I have met some of the most wonderful patients and coworkers, that have left an amazing impact on my life and my heart … BCMH has been a wonderful place for me to work and to expand my wings and to learn and to grow, not only in the medical field but also in learning about determination, dedication, sacrifice, and something that is bigger than myself. The administration at BCMH throughout these 50 years have always treated me with respect, care, and fairness. I will always be thankful for my time here.”

Debbie was honored at her retirement party with a beautiful clock, presented by Greg Weaver, Chief Executive Officer.