Don’t Be Scammed

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office has received information that Miami County citizens are attempting to be scammed out substantial amounts of money.

The caller is using the phone number of the Sheriff’s Office (913-294-3232) and stating that the resident has an arrest warrant and in order to resolve the warrant the scammer is requesting the resident to purchase gift cards and mail them.

The scammer has gone as far as using actual employee names from the Sheriff’s Office and describe current and previous residences of the resident to appear authentic.

These are all things that the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and Law Enforcement in general will not do.

If you receive a phone call like this, immediately hang up and call your local Law Enforcement agency to report it.

Do not provide any personal information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. to anyone you do not know.

Although we have successfully located some of these scammers, a vast majority of the time they are difficult to locate and the victims can be out thousands of dollars.

Be aware and don’t be a scam victim.