DoorDash available for city of Butler

In the world of ever-changing technology, the convenience of “ DoorDash” is now available for the city of Butler and Passaic. To date, three local businesses have taken advantage of this delivery service and how this can and will increase your business.  As of today, the estimated delivery is within a ten-mile radius of the city of Butler.

If you are not familiar with this growing company, it is a delivery service for any local business in the City of Butler, such as restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, grocery stores, and more at your fingertips. Orders are placed online, “DoorDash”  will be contacted and your merchandise will be delivered to your door.

Driver James Worthington of Butler has been in the Butler business since late February, offering information to merchants,  and encouraging them to offer this service to their customers. As of today, only 3 Butler businesses are taking advantage of this service- Café Affogota, McDonald’s, and The Carpenters Cup.

It’s a convenience for the elderly, the homebound, and the public that likes the advantage of ordering what they need from a local business or restaurant with delivery to your doorstep for a slight charge.

Each Butler business owner wanting to offer the delivery service of, “DoorDash”  for their customers must register online at DoorDash for Merchants or contact the local Butler driver, James Worthington at 423-920-1294. Door dash drivers will be covering our area if enough businesses participate in this delivery service.

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