Drexel Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Pie Contest


  1. One entry per person
  2. Must Have bottom and side crust
  3. Must be made from scratch; NO store bought or frozen crust
  4. Contest open to all individuals from 9 to 109! Both amateurs and professionals are welcome.
  5. Pies MUST be backed in a disposable foil pan
  6. Your pie WILL NOT be returned to you
  7. Contestants agree to have their photos published without compensation
  8.  A Complete printed pie recipe MUST accompany pie entry


Gather your ingredients and prepare to make and bake your best ever Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Pie!?!?

Pies, with complete recipe card, should be delivered to the Drexel Pumpkin Festival Event Tent on Saturday, October 5th, no later that 1:00 pm.

Judging will begin shortly after 2:00 pm and winners will be announced by the Festival Emcee during an awards ceremony at 4:30 pm

Judging will be based upon Taste, Appearance, and Overall Appeal.

Taste is judged on flavor; Appearance is determined on the pre-slice and the post—sliced runniness and firmness after the pie is cut.

Cash prizes will be awarded to  1st , 2nd , and 3rd  place

Contest judges will be chosen by the Drexel Pumpkin Festival Committee the decision of the Judges will be                         FINAL!!