Emergency and Disaster Resources from Missouri Extension

Looking for Emergency and Disaster Resources?  Look toUniversity of Missouri Extension.


Whether it is recovering from a tornado or a flood or preparing a safety kit, University of Missouri Extension’s Emergency Management webpage can guide you.  The United States has seen far more than its share of disasters recently.  Many people and businesses in the state are trying to put their lives back together after suffering from calamity.  But others may now be wondering what they can do to be better prepared if disaster strikes them next.


Extension is chock full of these resources at their Emergency Management webpage, found at http://extension.missouri.edu/main/DisplayCategory.aspx?C=10, or at their local county extension centers.  Some of the publications available include:  EMW1016, Generator Safelty Concerns Video;

EC705, Our Valuable Papers; EMW1001, Statewide Disaster Response/Recovery Contact List; EMW1011 Family Disaster Plan and EMW1012, Disaster Supply Kit.  The Disaster Supply Kit guide also lists suggested items for a First Aid Kit.  A kit is recommend for home and for in each vehicle.  A book back, plastic tote or large lunch box make good containers for the kit.


Consider various scenarios and think whether you would have the items to help someone.  If you came upon a wreck, would you clean bandages and compresses to stop bleeding?  If someone sprains an ankle, do you have an instant cold pack?  And do you have the training to do CPR or stop bleeding on a head wound?  Contact your local Red Cross office for First Aid and CPR classes.  Even if you’ve taken them in the past, a review could be helpful.  When dealing with an emergency, its good to have your skills ready to use.


Preparing for the next emergency or recovering from the last one, University of Missouri Extension can help you.