Fireworks Sales in Harrisonville Rules and Regulations 2017


Individuals and organizations who are considering selling fireworks for the upcoming

July 4th holiday can now find complete information regarding setting up a retail

fireworks stand on the City of Harrisonville website at

From the home page, use the link “Fireworks Sales in Harrisonville,” to access

general guidelines on sales and display, a checklist of steps to be completed before

a stand can be licensed for operation, a copy of Section 205 of the Harrisonville

Municipal Code governing fireworks in the city, and signage required to be displayed

at the retail outlets.

Copies of these materials can also be picked up at Harrisonville City Hall, 300 E.


Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, June 5.  Officials ask that all

required paperwork be submitted at one time.  For questions, please call Chris

Arthur, 816-380-8912.