Flaming Lantern in Butler Closed

Flaming Lantern Restaurant in Butler announced on Sunday, April 25th, that they would be closing, and the restaurant is for sale.  Neil Steiner and his family have owned and operated the Flaming Lantern for 35 years in Butler.

During that time, The Flaming Lantern has been a meeting place for several clubs in the area.  They have hosted many family and class reunions in their meeting space.  Flaming Lantern has supported many community events and youth programs.

Neil wants his staff and customers to know how much he has appreciated them over the last 35 years. 

If you have an unused gift card for the Flaming Lantern, they will be offering refunds. If you have a picture of a loved one on the wall of honor in the restaurant, please call Neil at 660-679-7067 to make arrangements to pick them up.  Flaming Lantern is now for sale if you are interest call Neil.