FM 92.1 AM 1530 Closed to walk-in service . See details here

92.1 AND 1530 the voice of Bates County is open with business as usual. We are posting all announcements to our Facebook page KMAM KMOE. We are closed to the public for walk-in service. To reach us call 660-679-4191. Bargain Buy purchases will be delivered at curbside. Our local news airs at 9 and 5 pm Monday through Friday and local cancellations and postponed events may be heard at the top and bottom of every hour and will be posted to our website and Faceook page. Remember if you need us call 660-679-4191. Salespersons will be making client contact with our advertisers by phone. We apologize for the inconvenience. Call us, when you need us.
see us on the web at