Foundation Seeks Community Involvement for Proposed Regional Activity Center

In May, the Board of Directors of Bates County Memorial Hospital was approached by an investment broker who had set up a trust several years ago to be used toward a Community Center for the Butler area and requested that it be constructed on the BCMH campus. A committee has been organized and meetings have begun to spearhead this project.

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In 2019, BCMH completed a Community Health Needs Assessment in which the hospital held town hall meetings for residents of Bates County. The hospital retained a consultant who published a report based on community feedback, and the findings showed a community center was top on the list.

The project has temporarily been named: “Proposed Regional Activity Center” in order to include everyone from the Bates County area. All donations for a community center will be routed through the Bates County Community Health Foundation, known as BCCHF, a tax-deductible charity. This project will be entirely under the foundation’s direction.

The committee has had three meetings to date and will start meeting with architects from three different companies on July 27th to determine building plans and the best location on the BCMH campus. The committee will also meet with YMCA officials on August 2nd to explore that option as well.

Anyone wishing to serve on a committee and be involved in this venture for the community may contact a member of the committee. Committee members are Linda L. Jennings, Mike Taranto , David Hilgenberg , Greg Weaver, Larry Burch, Larry Hacker, Chance Hedrick, Chris White, Jeremy Jones and Shanya Hedrick.

Watch for an online survey distributed by local media coming soon, and please take the time to fill it out. The committee values your feedback. Check for updates at