From the Desk of Harrisonville Mayor Brian Hasek

It has been a very busy morning for everyone. City crews are trying to access all the damages and prioritize resources. I know many of you have had flooding issues and questions.

Please be patient and we will try to get some answers to your questions. I know that people are going to have necessities that are needed to help get by and we will be in need of a way to relay that information. I do not have all of the answers right now but will work to find them for you.

This was not something any of us predicted and we are going to have to face this together, day by day. Thank you all for concerns and feel free to use my page to share information. I will be on and off of here and my wife is helping me try to keep up with messages.

Again thank you all and we will find a way to get through this.

From the Desk of Harrisonville Mayor Brian Hasek