Fund Set Up at Carpenter’s Cup

From the Carpenter’s Cup: “So many prayers are being lifted for those involved in this tragedy and their families. So many people are hugging one another. The churches may be fuller for the next few weeks as we express our gratitude for the safety of our loved ones.

People are showing more kindness and forgiveness that this kind of event brings out. We will open our refrigerators or bring many plates of food to the families because we want them to know we are standing with them and because we also feel such a sense of loss, but are unable to communicate that. Those directly involved will be dealing emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially for a long time to come. In an effort to help financially, the Carpenters Cup will take donations for those 5 families.

The proceeds will be divided equally. Money donations may be gifted specifically for any of the families and that money will be given to them. We will record names and amounts of the money gifts so the recipients are able to personally thank the givers. We will also take anonymously donated money.

This community rallied around the children in need of shoes and socks and we feel like for an event of this magnitude the generosity will be explosive. Once again, prayer and our need for the comfort of our Heavenly Father is what is most needed, and if this is all you can offer, God Bless You.”