Fundraiser for Kane/ Son of Kylie and Myles Brattin of Butler.

23-month-old Kane, the son of Kylie and Myles Brattin of Butler, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at Children’s Mercy Hospital on January 9th, 2021 at only 14 months of age, his blood sugar was greater than 400 after fasting all night, A1C was 9.9, and his kidney function was elevated. He was in DKA, a life-threatening complication of uncontrolled blood sugar. After a 3-day hospital stay with trial and error, and insulin regimen was established to go home on and enough education to get a jump start on his lifelong journey.


Most people cannot fathom how parents whose kids have a chronic illness manage it daily. It is hard because it never takes a break and needs to be managed 24/7/365 days a year, making sure Kane’s glucose levels are constantly within range by administering insulin and carefully balancing these doses with his eating and activity.

Kane’s family which includes Grandparents Stacy and Doug Fields of Adrian and Great Grandparents Steve Lord and Carol Cummings are dedicated to making sure he stays healthy but also has a childhood one that includes an occasional carb splurge, sports, and activities he enjoys.

There have been many ups and downs in the 8 months since Kane’s diagnosis, and the family would love to share these with you. Join them on their Facebook page and follow his journey. They will be posting past and future updates on Kane and information on T1D.

You can support Kane and the family by signing up to be on their team and fundraiser with us, or by donating to the team or a team member. You can register yourself or contact a team member for assistance. We will also be selling t-shirts, so watch our Facebook page for more information on that.

The Kane Strong 5-K walk will be on Kane’s birthday weekend, Sunday, October 17th, 2021. They will post more information closer to that date on the team Facebook page also.

All donations are tax-deductible!!

By donating, you support life changing research that helps people with T1D live healthier and longer lives until a cure is found, and no more kids will suffer from this disease. Hopefully Kane will be part of this cure. Thank you, Kane’s Family Team Kane Strong 

There is easy access to the donation page on the Kmam Kmoe Facebook page.