GoFundMe Account for Local Nevada Family Who Lost Their Infant Boy

The following is a story written by the son of the man who lost his house, he is also the uncle of the deceased baby. A GoFundMe account can be found on his Facebook page, Aaron Reed.

“My Dad’s house caught on fire this afternoon. My brother Tom and his family have been living with my Dad. Everybody made it out safely except for baby Kip. Tom was able to get his son, Jace, out through the back door, ran around the house, and got his daughter, Timber, out through a window. By this time the fire had gained too much oxygen, Tom went in to get Kip and the smoke was too thick and the floor was melting. My wife Kelsey and our brother Dave tried to go in; neighbors and bystanders tried to get in as well to no avail. The fire department arrived and took Kip to the local hospital. Kip is very badly burnt internally and externally. The hospital is not equipped to care for him so he has been life-flighted to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City after being intubated. My Father’s house is in bad repair. We’re not sure at this time if it will be salvageable. Unfortunately, the house is not insured at the moment. Most of their clothes and furniture is gone. Anything helps. If you can’t help monetarily please pray for our family.”

“Update: Baby Kip fought hard but didn’t survive the night. The money donated will go to funeral expenses, relocation of the family, and rebuilding Papa’s house.”