Governor Parson Announces Launch of New COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard

January 26, 2021

Releases Statement on Vaccine Data Reporting

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) –Today, Governor Mike Parson announced the launch of a new COVID-19 vaccination dashboard containing Missouri-specific data submitted by providers from across the state.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Missouri’s COVID-19 vaccination dashboard. This dashboard will provide Missourians with the most up-to-date, Missouri-specific data available,” said Governor Parson. “It is important that we provide this resource and be as transparent as possible, especially as some individuals tasked with reporting Missouri’s vaccine data often fail to report the complete picture.” 

Enrolled vaccinators throughout the state of Missouri continue to vaccinate those living or working in Missouri who are eligible under Phase 1A and Phase 1B – Tiers 1 and 2. 

The interactive dashboard includes total doses administered and also distinguishes the number of individuals who have received one dose or both doses. Seven-day averages of doses administered are also included as well as demographic information on individuals who have received at least one dose. This information shows the shares of individual populations by age group, sex, race, and ethnicity. 

Additionally, those who live in Missouri and have received at least one dose are also captured in a county-level vaccination table. This shows how many residents have received a dose per reported county of residence. 

The vaccination dashboard was incorporated into the larger COVID-19 public health dashboard and is also available at

Today, Governor Parson participated in a call with the National Governors Association, White House Officials, and federal partners. Governor Parson released the following statement regarding recent reports citing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) portrayal of COVID-19 vaccination data for Missouri:

“After a call with other governors, I can tell you that Missouri is not alone in our frustration on how vaccination data is being reported by the CDC,” Governor Parson said. “I and many other Governors expressed concern that vaccination data from the CDC is being misrepresented and does not fully reflect the situations we are seeing at the state level.”

“National rankings on the CDC’s dashboard are marginal and are being used to misinform Missourians that the state is falling short in vaccine administration, or worse, that the state itself is stockpiling vaccines,” Governor Parson said. The fact is that vaccines ship directly to local providers, and our data shows vaccine distribution and administration rates in Missouri are similar to other states.”

“With CDC data being used to fit certain narratives that fail to fully inform Missourians of the reality of the situation, we encourage the use of the Missouri COVID-19 vaccine dashboard as one of the best resources to get the latest vaccine numbers without the political rhetoric others may include in their reporting.” Governor Parson continued.

Missourians are encouraged to visit to see the latest vaccine updates, find out when they are eligible for the vaccine, and locate available vaccinators in their area.