Governor Parson to Sign Eight Bills Into Law

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) –Today, Governor Mike Parson will sign eight bills into law.


HB 1414 – Protection of Children


Modifies several provisions relating to child protection, including homeless youth benefits, protection of foster children, child care facility definitions and background checks, child protection for military families, foster care reform, foster parent rights, and substance abuse treatment waivers.


SB 653 – Protection of Children


Modifies laws related to the protection of children, including foster care case management, Children’s Division records, temporary alternative placement agreements, risk assessments for child abuse or neglect, foster parents, information exchange for child placement, and the appearance of certain children in courts.


SB 569 – Victims of Sexual Offenses


Modifies procedures for tracking evidentiary collection kits and establishes the Justice for Survivors Act, the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, and the Missouri Rights of Victims of Sexual Assault Task Force.


HB 1896 – Controlled Substances


Updates the schedule of controlled substances in Missouri to mirror the most recent updates to the schedules in the Federal Register.


HB 1467 – Retirement


Modifies provisions relating to public employment retirement systems, including the Local Government Employees Retirement System, state employee retirement systems, Missouri State Employees Retirement System, and Public School Retirement System.


SB 739 – Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act


Creates the Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act prohibiting public entities from entering into certain contracts with a company unless the company certifies that they will not boycott goods or services from the State of Israel.


SB 913 – Peer Review for Designed Professionals


Repeals the expiration of provisions relating to the peer review process for architects, landscape architects, professional land surveyors, and professional engineers.


HB 1682 – Health Care

Establishes the Long-Term Care Dignity Act and modifies provisions relating to various health care topics, including state settled opioid causes of action, breast cancer screening insurance, and COVID-19 testing. 

For more information on a bill, visit the Missouri House or Missouri Senate website. Pictures from today’s bill signings will be available on Flickr