Handling LP Gas Training in Eldorado

Sema Training and Exercise Management System better known as STEMS will host a Handling LP Gas Emergencies training on Saturday, October 23rd from 8am to 5pm at Eldorado Springs Fire Station 1. The Eldorado Springs Fire Station 1 is located at 1207 South Main Street in Eldorado Missouri.

LP gas is a potential hazard present in most communities and a complete understanding of it hazards is necessary to handle such an incident safely and efficiently. This class will present an overview of LP gas properties and characteristics, as well as provide the opportunity to participate in an actual fire attack on an LP tank fire.

Topics will include common storage containers in residential and commercial use, and the components of different types of transport vehicles. 

The Missouri POST program has approved this course for approved provider training credit, and continuing education in the area of 4 hours technical and 4 hours skill.

Must be 18 to participate in live burn portions of the class. May still attend lecture portion. This training is free and open to the public.

Full Personal Protective Gear including SCBA is required to participate in evolutions and receive a certificate.  Full PPE includes helmet, hood, coat, bunker pants, gloves, and boots. 

To register for this training go wo semtraining.com.  For more information contact Lisa Jobe at 573-526-9241 or Whitt Kellough at 573-526-3074