Harrisonville Board of Education Candidate Filing

Board of Education candidate filing

Filing for Harrisonville School Board of Education candidates began

December 17 at the Administrative Offices, 503 S. Lexington. Some of the requirements for candidates for the Board of Education are as follows: must be a citizen of the US, a resident taxpayer in the Harrisonville Cass R-IX School District, and at least 24 years of age. Candidates must have lived in Missouri for at least one year preceding the election. For a full list of candidate requirements, go to http://harrisonvilleschools.schoolwires.net/Page/98

Filing closes on January 21 at 5 p.m. Offices to be filled are three (3) three-year positions. Board members whose terms expire are Chris Bell, Bing Schimmelpfenning and Nancy Shelton. The three incumbents and Cameron Chenoweth have filed.

The Board election is April 7, 2020.