Harrisonville Foundation purchases devices for all teachers

The Harrisonville Public School Foundation recently approved a district grant which provided every classroom teacher in the district with a document camera. The grant totaled nearly $15,000. The cameras were delivered to teachers yesterday.

Teachers around the district have already started using a few document cameras to share books, handouts, and experiments with their classes through classroom projectors. Document cameras are devices that connect to a teacher’s laptop and project onto a screen, making it easy for the entire class to view the content. Those who are not yet familiar with these projectors, can find more information and purchase them at https://www.projectorsland.com/. These cameras are a valuable addition to any classroom as they enhance teaching and learning by providing an engaging and interactive visual experience.

In addition, teachers can use the camera and computer set-up to record lessons for students on quarantine while teaching the students in the classroom.

Document cameras are not new innovations; the Foundation has provided teacher grants based on individual teacher requests for the devices since 2016. Fourth grade teacher Catie Miller received her document camera grant in the fall of 2018.

And it’s not just the Harrisonville  teachers who will benefit; students can use the devices to share their learning with their classmates safely.