Harrisonville Press Release

To our Members:
President Cheryl and I have been in constant communications today in formulating a plan for the Chamber as things change hourly with regards to the coronavirus.
Earlier today, an article from the North Cass Herald appeared online and outlined a 7 page document from the Cass County Public Health Department stating effective tonight at midnight, Cass County would be following the protocols adopted by the “Core 4” of the Kansas City Metro. This is a “stay at home” emergency order. It also states that all non-essential business and other non-essential operations must cease until Friday April 24th 2020. The order is posted on the the Cass County Government website: CassCounty.com 
President Cheryl and I reached out to the Health Department and spoke to Andrew Warlen, Cass County Public Health Department Director who said that the Chamber of Commerce was an “essential” business and asked that we (the Chamber) stay open in order to assist the small businesses in our community who have been hit hardest by this outbeak. He cautioned that we must still practice “social distancing”, provide hand sanitizer (which we have) and disinfect doorknobs, telephones, computers, etc..that the public might come in contact with. There will be NO chamber events held during this time. He also stressed how important the Chamber was in helping the Health Department disseminate “correct & important” information to the public.
Going foward, the Harrisonville Chamber of Commerce will remain open with normal business hours of Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm.
We hope this helps keep you informed and we stand ready to perform our duty to assist our members and local businesses in any way we can.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to President Cheryl or myself. Thanks! 
Bing Schimmelpfenning, Executive Director-Harrisonville Chamber of CommerceCheryl Bush, President-Harrisonville Chamber of Commerce