Harrisonville: Restaurant Contact Information

Here at the Chamber, we’ve taken numerous requests from the community to put together a “restaurant” guide listing places you can get carry-out, drive-thur or delivery service during the virus crisis. We’ve done our best to include everyone we can think of on this list. PLEASE FORGIVE US if you are not listed but want to be, just give us a call at 816-380-5271.Special Thank you goes to Valerie Rinehart of the South Cass Tribune for all of the listings!!
HarrisonvilleBranding Iron 816-380-2214 curbsideAppleBarrel  816-884-3306 carryoutDunkin Donuts  816-884-3306 carryout and DriveThruForged By Fire 816-925-0955 curbsideMazzio’s 816-884-2300 DeliveryEmilio’s 816-884-2660 curbsideThai Pepper 816-888-9776 curbsideJose’s Cafe 816-793-0068 curbsideBodeez 816-380-0115 curbsideKurzweil’s Country Meats 816-862-8463 curbsideBest Burrito 816-380-3200 curbsideThe Garage 816-925-0398 curbsideCapt’ D’s 816-884-3958 Drive ThruPizza Hut 816-884-2832 Curbside and DeliveryMcDonald’s Drive ThruSonic Drive-In CurbsideDairy Queen 816-380-4762 Drive ThruArby’s 816-380-3130 Drive ThruBrickhouse Cafe 816-925-4585 CurbsidePapa Murphy’s 816-884-5005 Online and Call inWendy’s 816-884-3700 Drive ThruSubway 816-380-3060 Drive ThruTaco Bell 816-884-3031 Drive ThruBurger King 816-659-5720 Drive ThruJimmy John’s 816-380-1000 Drive Thru and Delivery
ArchieMama’s Kitchen 816-293-5999 curbside and Delivery in ArchieFishing Dock 816-293-6062 curbside
DrexelDouble TT 816-619-2000 Curbside and Delivery
Peculiar Enjoy Thai 816-809-8844 Curbside and Delivery in PeculiarFrog Pond 816-758-5111 CurbsideDenny’s 816-779-6666 To-GoPizza Hut 816-758-6080 DeliverySubway 816-779-4500 Drive thruPeculiar Winery 816-406-5595 Curbside
Freeman Harold’s 816-250-2484 Carry out though the grocery store
Garden CityEric’s Rockin C 816-773-2099 curbsideAndale Amigo 816-862-6418 curbside
Adrian The Wine Journal 816-239-1080 curbsideByrd’s Pecan Delights 816-239-1011 curbsideGray’s Cafe 816-297-8877 Curbside