Harrisonville School District News

Harrisonville School District Sends Love to Lamar – Hurricane Harvey Help Now Underway

The Harrisonville School District has “adopted” the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (CSID) just outside of Houston to provide ongoing Hurricane Harvey relief.  The Lamar CISD has 27,000 students.

The first need is for backpacks and school uniforms, which include khaki pants, shorts, skirts, and red, white, or navy blue polos. The polos must be generic and without logos. They need all sizes, child through adult.  All backpacks and uniform clothing must be new.  The Harrisonville School District will be collecting items at the Harrisonville Football Game on Friday, September 8 at Memorial Stadium and during the school day at any of our schools the week of September 4-8. The first round of donations will be headed to Lamar on September 16th. This is meant to be an ongoing relationship with Lamar and as needs arise, we will share, collect, and transport.

New ‘No Parking’ Zones Designated Around Harrisonville High School

This summer, based on recommendations from the Harrisonville Cares Coalition, the Harrisonville City Council passed new parking regulations impacting Elm Street.

There is no parking on the south side of Elm Street at any time.  There is no parking on the north side of Elm Street, which is the side HHS sits on, from 7am to 4pm on school days between Price and Mechanic Streets.  There is also no parking on the north side of Elm from 11am to 4pm on school days between Price and Halsey Street.

This means drivers can park on the north side of Elm for evening events.  This will provide for safer exiting procedures after night events as no one will have to cross the street to get into their car.

Within the HHS campus, there are a few no parking areas, specifically in the drop-off and fire lanes which are painted red.  Do not park a car in these locations at any time.

Points of Wildcat Pride from the Harrisonville School District

Harrisonville High School Senior Soccer Player Seth Wiebusch broke the school record for assists in the August 29th Harrisonville vs. Excelsior Springs Soccer Game.

McEowen Elementary School students & staff recently celebrated the completion of a summer reading challenge with a pizza party.  The students were challenged to read 1500 minutes over the summer either by themselves or with someone.